Ben Willmott – Head of Public Policy, Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development


We all know how important leadership is for an organisation to be engaging, but what does leadership look and feel like? And where do you find it? Is it in the board room, in the open plan office, or on the shop floor? Maybe it’s all three and more. Ben will start the conversation by sharing some research and ideas to stimulate our conversation on engaging leadership.


Neil Morrison – Group HR Director, Random House Publishing

When it comes to creating an engaging organisation, HR should be the oil in the wheel. So why is it that HR departments spend most of their time dreaming up dumb policies and procedures that forget what the H in HR stands for? Why is it that employees and managers alike feel they have a relationship with HR that is more about being told what not to do, when what we need and want is someone who supports us with those aspects of our careers and support infrastructure that we have decided are important to us? Neil will share some thoughts and experiences to stimulate our debate on what action HR needs to take to help create an engaging environment which connects employees and customers and helps us to do the best work we can.


Neil Jervis' - Director, Resonate, the recruitment social enterprise


Contact Centres save the country! A hippy/trotskyist vision.


Take advantage of the pending perfect storm. UK consumerism shrinks and contact centre advisor attrition rates rocket as citizens become ever more hateful of corporations. The underclass grows as do the welfare and social justice bills as our society degenerates. Politicians have the appetite to save the country but only your companies have the power and the finance…but do YOU have the appetite. Huge markets will open up in the BRIC countries who’d love to phone contact centres in the UK. But there aren’t enough advisors. Stop playing  about with greenwash - recreate communities through funding education, sports and media programmes – engage the disenfranchised under-class and turn them into your advisors of tomorrow. And win back your owners’, employees’ and customers’ trust in the process.

Peter Peart - Redgate Software

The best customer experiences flow from the best employee experiences, it's a simple as that. And we know simple isn't always easy, so how is it really done? Redgate Software has featured in the Sunday Times top 100 best small businesses to work for every year since 2007, and has been winning customer and industry awards since before that. Pete Peart will talk briefly to us about what actually goes on inside the company that makes such great work and great service happen. Then it’s over to you to think about how you can make work better for your company and customers. 

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·      Free flowing discussion groups based around subjects as suggested by the attendees in the lead up to the unconference and on the day itself.

·      7-minute, expert presentations about what’s new to generate fresh dialogue.

·      We’ll have a contentious debate to add more excitement, “Is HR good for engagement?” Yes. No. Maybe? You’ll hear strong views and strong challenges. Debate can often be an entertaining form of dialogue

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